Rules of Perspective

Available to download here...

This is an original Maths and Grammar quiz game, which should run ok in any version of windows from Windows 7 and later. The aim of the game is to climb the board to the end square.

To play, you spin the number spinner by pressing the spin button. Each time you pass over a '?' square, you will be asked a question. There are three posible outcomes...

Possible outcomes

You can Pass

You decline answering the question. If you have remaining moves, you continue to climb the board. If not, you will be asked another question.

You answer correctly

Your remaining moves will be increased, and you continue to climb the board.
Remaining moves * 2 + 1

You answer incorrectly

You lose your remaining moves and you are sent back to the previous question square, or if there isn't a previous question square, you are sent back to the start.